December 31, 1914 Thursday

The winter weather still hangs on and I still stay around home but their isent any thing to stay hear for only to have ahome with strangers all the time.  But I get along very well but so lonsom and it dont get any better and it wont till I get out and get to work and I am going to try and to it.  This the last of 1914 gone for ever the same as our family has and I dont feel as though I caird to stay mutch longer.  Long enough to squair with every body and leave what little have is in shape for the girls.


December 30, 1914 Wednesday

Still it is cold and frosty and our sleighing gets patched up every little while.  It softens up every little while and get alittle snow and then it turns cold and freases up for afew days.  The folks in the house havent got so many boarders as they had but they have got 8 or 10 now.  The electric men stay yet and think they will stay for acouple of months yet.  Have got nearley ready to turn the juse {juice} on from Detroit.  My cold makes me poorley and dont rest very well.

December 29, 1914 Tuesday

Cool and fine sleighing and first class winter weather.  Their must bee afoot of snow on the ground.  I havent done mutch to day.  Havent done any thing for that mater {matter} all winter.  I havent had mutch to do and dont seem as if I had any thing to work for if I can live and see what little their is that is all I cair for.  My ambision {ambition} is all gone for trying to make any thing. The girls are well and getting along very well.  About all I do is to take cair of the horses and exersise them.  Fine winter weather.

December 28, 1914 Monday

Warmer this morning and looks like astorm.  I feel rather bad from the afects of my cold.  I was killing time all day and dident do any thing and I dident feel like it.  I was down to Lutes and up town and hitched both horses up and give them adrive.  They felt fine but I dident hury the colt any.  Thawed alittle in the midle of the day.  The sleighing is good and it makes it alittle liveley.

December 27, 1914 Sunday

Cold and cloudy.  I was around home all day till after diner.  Hitched the colt up and took Merean {sp} Somerville alittle ride. It was rather cold to stay out long.  Went up to Nells to take her out but they wer buisy.  The sleighing is very good in moste places.  I have caught cold and it make me feel bad.  The moste of us are very well.  Mrs. Springsteen is some better but Min has to stay over their yet.  The Electric light men have com comming back from xmas.  Had afire over to Parmeters Cider Mill burnt the roof the worst. They got the watter their and soon put it out.  Warmer to night.

December 26, 1914 Saturday

This the coldest morning by far we have had this winter.  The thermometer stood 10 or 12 below {zero}.  We al staid down to Angies last night.  Slept over to Mirt Phelops house.  She and her man was out home.  I found the furnice {furnace} out and the house cold when I got over to Angies.  Took nearley half an hour to get it warmed up and it was nearley 9.30 when we got breakfast and we left for down town about 10.30 and the 11.45 car.  Got home about 1.15 found thing in fair shape but rather cold.  Got some diner and got both horses out and  warmed them up.  I give Will Somerville aride after the colt.  He thought she was acracker Jack.  Cold to night.

Frank Woodworth died this eavening or to night.

December 25, 1914 Friday

Cold the coldest morning we have had this winter.  The thermometer stood 2 to 4 below.  I com to get ready to go down to Angies and Peeters and was buisy all the morning.  I was gointo {going to} take 8.15 car but got left and I had to take the 9.15 car and I had to stand up till I got to the Farmington Junction.  I got down to Angies about noon and it was aufle cold in the citty cars.  Found them well and Angie and Peeter was well.  Found Rob and Nell their.  We had agood visit and afine diner.  We wer in the house all the after noon.  They had Peeters friends and wife to diner, James Bery.  Aufle cold to night.

December 24, 1914 Thursday

Cool and cloudy.  The thermometer stood 3 below zero.  After I got my choars done I went over to James Tiffins and I got Lute two chickens rather two hens for her xmas diner.  Came up and finished the choars.  Then went back down to Lutes and killed the hens and picked them for her.  Came up home and worked around till noon.  After diner hitched the colt up and give her alittle drive.  Came home and hitched Jib up and got Catholine and we went over to the Thornten place for aride.  She seam to engoy {enjoy} it but she got some cold.  Good sleighing in moste places.  Some drifts.

December 23, 1914 Wednesday

Still it keeps cold.  I thinkerd around home and down to Lutes all the fore noon.  Fixed the linaum {linoleum?} in the kitchen and put some oil cloth in front of the coal stove.  Cut alittle wood for Lute.  After diner went down to Horace Markums and got apair of runers (runners) and I put them on the old colt but they dident work very best.  I hitched on and tried it but it {dident} act rite and dident drive but to or 3 times and their wasent but 3 or 4 out and the wer youngsters.  They track is bad.  It is so soft.  Good winter weather.  Went up to Nells this eavening.  Cold to night.

December 22, 1914 Tuesday

Cold and this morning and plenty of snow.  I choard around awhile and then hitched up and give the colt alittle run.  Rather cool and the roads arent very good.  After diner hitched up and took orenge {orange} butter up to the folks and stoped {stopped} on the road and deliverd afew soap orders he had and we found it cold riding and the roads are drifted bad in places and it is hard traveling.  Cold to night.  Went up and got Em Laphum and took her down to Scots and left her.  She is going up to Lutes.