September 30, 1914 Wednesday

Aufle fine weather.  The sun shines bright and it is aufle warm in the middle fo {of} the day.  Went over to Thorntens and fixed crates moste of the day.  Fixed some bins in the sellar {cellar} to put aples in.  It makes me feel old when it comes night.  But that isent the worste of it.  When I come home and dont find any body hear but strangers it seems that I had loste off my family and have {to make} the best of it.


September 29, 1914 Tuesday

Very nice weather for the time ayear.  Some nights are alittle cool but not bad.  The days are warm.  Went over to Thorntens and put they day in fixing crates.  I got them moste done.  I may go to picking after I get the crates done.  After I gone done work went to the {illegible} place and I got abus {a bushel} of tomatoes for Nell and Lute for 40 cents.  Warm to night.

Still the War goes on in the Old Countries killing them of {off} by the thousands.

Very nice weather for the last of September.

September 28, 1914 Monday

Cool and pleasant this morning.  Done the choars.  Hitched the colt up and went over to Thorntens and went to work fixing crates.  Put in the moste of the day.  And it makes me feel old to night.  Their is agood aple crop in this section this year and some of them have come picking.  Thorten has agood crop but not so large as two years ago some whair near 8000 bus {bushels}.  It will take nearly amonth to take cair of them.  Things are going along very well at preasant.  But not as they used to and never will.

The War in the Old Country they claim has hurt the price.  They sell for about .70 cents for no one {Number One} aples.

September 27, 1914 Sunday

Warm and pleasant to day.  Was around home all day.  Took me till after 11.00 to get cleaned up.  After diner red awhile then wen up to Nells.  While I was their I saw Mage and Bly Quigley go by over to Al Carpenters .  I went over to see them.  They just got back from California last night.  After I had bin their afew minutes Hyde Simith {Smith?} and 4 {illegible} of his family came and they hadent got sat down before {illegible} Carnes and his wif and his father and mother and another wome {woman} came and they had alively time for awhile.  I staid about half and hour and I came home to do my choars and get super.  Then I down to Lutes for awhile.  Will and Minn had gon over to Farmington.  Cooler to night.

September 26, 1914 Saturday

Frost this morning first I have seen this fall.  The paper was write last night it said froste and their is one this morning.  It shoes {shows} plain on the flats but I dont think it has done mutch damag.  Mr. Cowel and I hitched on the one horse wagen and went over to the place that Gardner sent usto {us to} one and got some grapes and peaches in the fore noon.  After diner we went over to the J. Slaght house and got astove for Cowel.  I went up to Nells and helped them fix their front door.  Then went to mill then hitched the colt up and drove 6 or 7 miles then went up to the cemetry and from their home.  Rather buisy day but it dident pay anything. 

September 25, 1914 Friday

Cool and pleasant this morning.  Hitched Jib up and went down to the P.M. Depot and got astove for Nell and took it up to their house.  Helped her set it up.  After diner went over to Thorntens.  Got abbl {a barrel} and went out in the field and roled up some barb wire on it.  Then put on aload of wood and fetched it down to Lute’s and it was nearley night.  Cool and the papers says froste.

September 24, 1914 Thursday

Cool this morning.  The wind blows cool from the North.  I helped Mr. Colwell saw some big fence part this morning with the croscut saw.  After that hitched the colt up and give her adrive around by the Hansel Johnson farm.  Cam to rain and rained by spell part of the after noon in around home.  The rain is all right if the frosts holds of.  All well as usual.  I have the asthm {asthma} some nights.  Things are going along very well now-days.

September 23, 1914 Wednesday

Cooler to night and it looks very mutch like rain.  Cam raining in the night and it has rained all the latter part of the night and it is raining this morning.  It has bin afine rain and if the frost hold of for aweek or two it will still better.  I was around home nearley all day.  Done alittle fixing in the barn and helped Colbie fix his barn.  {Illegible} took the colt up and had her right shoe sat.  Give her alittle edrive she went very well.  Looked like rain nearley all day.  Some cool to night.  And looks like rain.

The War still goes on in the Cold {Old?} countries.

September 22, 1914 Tuesday

Warm this morning and their is more brease and it comes from the South West.  Got ready and went over to Thorntens and picked 9 or 10 bus {bushels} of aples for him to ship to Detroit.  Took me till nearley noon.  Fetched them down with me and left them to the D.N.R. Detroit.  We had afine rain 3 or 4 showers. I am in hopes it will cool the air of {off} some.  It has bin to warm for comfort.  I think it is cooler to night.  All well as usual.  First day of the MIlford Fair.

September 21, 1914 Monday

Very warm to day and the sun shines bright.  It is afine growing time.  Hitched up this morning and gave the colt afew miles and she came very near losing one of her front shoes.  Got it nearley of {off}.  Went over to Thorntens and he cam telling how lame he was before I had bin their five minutes.  Aufle warm moste to warm to get out and work.  Washed the little wage.  Cleaned it up and washed my over alls and my wamprees.  Cleaned Jib’s harness.  Washed both of their tails and I was buisy moste of the time.  Very warm all day.  No frost as yet. The maple trees seems to bee sheding {shedding} their leaves.  They are turning yellow.  We heard to night by Hary Bovee that Angie was better.  He came from their to day.