November 30, 1914 Monday

Dark and rainy this morning.  Come to rain in the night.  It was wet and fog moste all day.  After breakfast I went down to Hydes and he had aload ready for Detroit and they hitched up and he started about 10 O.C.  Clyde took part of the load down to the gravel and then he came home.  Iseck and Lee put up aload and Lee started about 1 O.C.  Staid down to Hydes to diner and went up to Isecks about 1.30 and got the colt out and started for home.  Stoped {stopped} to the Lake and seen how things wer up to Charlotts house and called on Mrs. Hinckley so I could waite and tell Sharlott how things wer.  They seem to bee all right and I got home before dark.  Cool and cloudy.


November 29, 1914 Sunday

Dark and cloudy this morning.  Looks like rain.  I got ready and started for Walled Lake about noon.  Alittle windy but not very cool.  The roads are fine but the air is cool and damp.  I got up their about two O.C.  Found them well as usual and we had diner about three thirty and it was so late I made up my mind to stay all night.  Looks like rain.  J.J. Smith came hear from Ralph Deveraux from the Citty and wanted to stay with me but I was to the Lake so he had super and Clyde came down and got him.

November 28, 1914

Cloudy and cool.  Choard around awhile in the morning.  Hitched the colt up and give her adrive.  Mr. Colwels took Jib and went over to the P.M. Depot and got aload of wood and after diner the Electric lite man helped him cut it up and I fixed the windows in the box stall and in some lites and fixed the north window in the dining room over the sellar doar an the out side and when I got done it was night and cooler.  Minny came home from her sisters Mrs. H. Jacksons in Detroit and fetched Nellie Wichel home with her.  Alittle cool to night.

November 27, 1914 Friday

Cool and cloudy.  I went around and seen the neighbors but dident find many.  The folks down to the other house was away.  Then I hitched the colt up and she couldent hardley stay on the ground.  I give her 6 or 7 miles and she felt better.  After I got back I hitched Jib up and went over to Thorntens to see him.  They wer {were} putting up aples.  After I got diner I got ready and went to Mrs. E.J. Branes {Barnes?} funeral.  She died last Tuesday.  After the funeral Charley Colby and I took Jib and took his horses over to Novi.  He let Clairy Johnsons man have them and I guess it was agood thing for they was nearley starved.  Cooler to night.

November 26, 1914 Thursday

Got up about 6.30 this morning.  Up to Wm {William} Maxwells 4 1/2 Miles North of Clair Michigan.  Cool and aufle windy.  The wind comes from the north west.  Will and I took awalk to the south part of the farm.  Their is lots of poor land and plenty of stumps.  After we go back we got ready to gow {go} down to Clair and take Mables pianna {piano} down to Clair to ship down to Mount Pleasant.  We had agood chicken diner then got read{y} and Will, Mables man {and} I took the team and Ada, Charlott and Mable took the horse and bugy.  We got down town alittle before train time.  I took the P.M. for home and they went ome.  I got home about 9.O.C.  I found things in fair shape.  The colt hadent bin out but once and Jib hadent bin out at all.

November 25, 1914 Wednesday

This is winter but not very cold.  We had abite to eat earley and started for an other auction and this was the worst of all.  We saw hundreds of acres of land that wasent worth fencing.  Had an out side fence and used it for pasteur {pasture} for sheep.  We drove 7 or 8 miles and after awhile we struck the place whair the auction was sutch aplace I never saw.  But the stock looked very well but they wer moste all natives.  Lots of hogs and they looked good and the sheep looked very well.  Will bought 10 sheep.  When we got their we found Mable their and her man.  I was glad to get back.

November 23, 1914 Monday

Cool and pleasant.  After Will got his choars done we hitched up and went to an auction.  He went around about way to see the country.  We seen some good country and some poor.  We went 5 or 6 miles.  Got their alittle before diner.  We had agood lunch hot coffee and sandwich and it was fine coffee with good cream in it.  The auction went of {off} very well but rather small crowd.  We got home about 4.30.  Their was avery little snow but it was nearley all gon and we found some good roads and some poor and plenty of pine stumps and new ground.  Cold to night.

November 22, 1914 Sunday

Cold this morning.  Got up at W.B Maxwells this morning about 7.30.  After I looked out I made up my mind I had struck and in land country from the looks of the pine stumps.  I dont think I would I would to their {to} stay if they would give me 80 acres {of their} land.  I found Charlot stufed {stuffed} up with a cold and had the asthma.  I hardley think she will stay their all winter and I would {not} blame her if she dident.  Put the day in visiting in the house.  the snow that came last Wednesday is nearly gon.  Wills health is poorley.

November 21, 1914 Saturday

Warmer to day and bid fair for warmer weather.  I made up my mind last night to start down the line toward home.  Had breakfast about 7.30 and took the morning train to Clair.  Got down to Reed Citty and had to change cars but had to wait about 40 minutes.  I went over town and called on Walt Rigs and staid to long and when I got back to the depot the train was peeling out and I got left.  This was about 10 O.C.  I had to stay till 2.30 before an other train came along and that got me down to Clair about 5 O.C.  So I looked around and found arig to take me out to W.B. Maxwells for $1.25 and it was dark when I got out their and ahard looking place at that.