March 31, 1914 Tuesday

Cool and windy but it is fair.  Done the choars.  Hitched up and took Evangeline Laphum home and from their went over to Carl Solorus to get afewee {illegible} for G{illegible}.  Dident get any.  Came home by the Thornton farm and got three bags of corn.  After diner went back and got afew roils for wood and sawed afew after I got home.  Warm and looks like rain.


March 30, 1914 Monday

Still the weather is heavy and dark.  Angie, Nell, Jay, and Angie’s man staid over and are going home to night.  I cant hardley set my self to work.  It seems to bee the worst time I ever experinced.  No body knows till they have gon through it.  It seems as if nearley every thing has gon.  I was around home all day and helped alittle with the washing.  The wind blew cold all day and the air damp.  It made it bad for the clothes to dry. 

Big scair of small pox in town.  Got afew houses quarantined and after milde cases of small pox nobody very sick.

March 29, 1914 Sunday

This another dark sad sad morning.  It seems every morning is worse and darker.  We have lots of help and the folks are aufle good.  Our neighbors come in and bring thing to eat {and} flowers.  Her room looks like aflower garden and the flowers seem to keep coming.  Every thing is aufle nice and every body is aufle kind.  We cant never pay them for their kindness.  Their was abig funeral and they all done well especiley Ead and Ray Van.  They sung fine and it sounded so good.  My brother was down from Tustin and Ada Maxwell from Claire and her sone George from Detroit.  The weather cleard away and every thing went of fine.  The Wall{ed} Lake folks wer down.  After the funeral so lonesome.  Seems as if everything had gon.

March 28, 1914 Saturday

Cool and cloudy and everything is wet.  This is another sad day for us all.  Angie’s man cam last night.  It seems as if every thing has gon when we stop and think she has pased away.  It dont seem as if we could keep house with out her.  But we will hafto do the best we can.  She may bee better off but it dont seem so. 

March 27, 1914 Friday

Dark and cloudy this morning.  It rained in the night last night.  Com to rain this morning.  Rained nearley all day.  This is asad morning hear.  Float died about 6.30 this morning.  She went of very easy.  Just breathed out and that was the last of it.  Emeline Laphum and Hairy Bovee {sp} wife was hear.  They was up all night.  I was up at midnight but dident see mutch change.  But she filled up and couldent raise any thing.

Mrs. Flory L. Smith died at 6.30 O.C.  This is the sadist time of my life.  The best friend I had on Earth is gon.

March 26, 1914 Thursday

Warm and cloudy looks very mutch like rain.  Got ready and started for Walled Lake.  Before I got their it cam to rain and I drove in Phil Taylers barn and staid about half an hour.  It held up and I went on from their I found the roads bad.  It broke away and the sun came out and it was affine after noon.  I found Matie and Albrt Decker. Their staying with Charlott and Ada Maxwell had bin their 5 or 6 says.  Had diner and left for home about 4.30.  The roads wer bad part way home.

Tomy’s funeral is tomorrow

March 25, 1914 Wednesday

Warm today and the snow is going fast.  I worked around home nearley all day.  Helped Chas Colbey fix the pump down to Granmothers.  We had {illegible} repairs that we dident get done.  Some cooler to night.  Float had poor day.  Dr. Ball went up and got Emeline Laphum to come and stay with us afew days.

We got word this after noon that Tomy Orr died about 12 O.C. to day

March 24, 1914 Tuesday

Warmer today and is thawing fast.  I got ready and hitched Jib and the colt up and started for Walled Lake about 11 O.C. found it mudy in places.  I found Tomy Orr very bad of and failing.  Scharlott says he is going down fast.  Ada Maxwell was there and had bin for 3 or 4 days and is gointo stay till the first of the week.  I left for home about 430 OC and got home alittle after 6 O.C.  Float had rather poor day.  The snow has gon fast to day. 

March 22, 1914 Sunday

Cool and cloudy.  Snowed alittle by spells during the day and about 4 or 5 OC cam to snow hard and in big flakes.  It must have snowed an in or more before dark.  I was around home all day.  Choaring around part of the time.  Float had afair day but is failing.  The girls sets up the fore part of the night and I take the latter part.