August 31, 1914 Monday

Some cooler to day.  I was buisy moste of the fore noon.  Hitched up towards noon and went to Thorntens and got afew aples {apples}.  After diner hitched Jib on the one horse wagen and went up to Nels {Nells} house and fixed the steps..  And we had aittle shour {shower} while we wer their.  Very warm to night and it is avery growing time.  Mrs. Cowells is some better to day.


August 30, 1914 Sunday

Warm this morning.  Got up about 7 O.C. done the choars and got cleaned up and it was nearley noon.  Had some rain this after noon.  I was around home nearley all day.  Went down to the other house after diner and shoed {showed} Em Laphum and Lute some samples I got.  After that I went up to the cemetry.  Hary Bovee and hise {his} wife came along and the thought the flowers wer fine.  I went down and called on Haris Markum.  It is very warm to night.

August 29, 1914 Saturday

Dark and rainy this morning.  It cam the fore parts of the night and I think it rained nearley all night and the ground got agood soaking.  It will bee agood thing for the crops and pastures.  It broke away about 10 O.C. and the sun came out and it has bin afine day nice and cool.  I went up and seen Nell about Angie being sick and she said she thought she would to down and see her.  And she did go this after noon.  I went over to Plymouth seen F. Good about the bal {balance} of the rent of the house but it dident do any good all I got was apromis {a promise}.  Things are going very well in the house.  Mrs. Cowels is sick to day.

August 28, 1914 Friday

Cloudy and some warmer.  I put moste of the day in around home.  I finished atching the roof of the house and finished painting it.  I hardley think it will leak now.  I am in hopes  it will last the bal {balance} of the year or till spring if I live.  If I dont it wont make any diference.  All well as usual.  I am having the asthma alittle now nights.  Hary Bovie wife went to Detroit to day and she went up and seen Angie and she said she had bin sick since Monday and hasent had any body to help her.

August 27, 1914 Thursday

Cool and cloudy this morning.  After I got the choars done I hitched the colt up and went up to Thorntens and cut the bal {balance} of the brush in the road north of the corner.  Came home to diner.  After diner go ready and went to Geo Sinclairs funeral.  Their was afair turn out.  From their went over and called on Frank Frey.  He is very poorley with hart trouble.  From their I went over to Nells and made acall and the bal {balance} of the after noon I put in around home.  Warmer this after noon.  Crops look well through this section.  Their is afair crop of aples.

August 26, 1914 Wednesday

Cool last night and it is cool to day but the sun shines bright and the sun is warm whair the wind don’t strike you.  After I got the choars done I hitched the colt up and went up to the shop and had her shod {shoed} in front with 11 oz shoes.  The I give her adrive of 5 or 7 miles.  Worked around home this after noon.  I wrote to Mable Maxwell and sent her alittle preasant.  She is gointo bee marid {married} tomorow.

Le{illegible} Gilderniser was buried to day

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August 25, 1914 Tuesday

Cool and pleasant to day.  I worked around home all the fore noon.  Mowed the yard and choard around all the fore noon.  After diner hitched the colt up and went over to Thortens and cut brush moste of the after noon and I feel old to night.  The folks are getting along fine.  They are buisy all day and they keep things up in shape all the time and plenty of good grub and it is clean.  It seems more like home.  But it never will bee as it was when Float was hear.  But I will hafto stand it and make the best of it as long as I live.

George Sinclair die to day.

August 24, 1914 Monday

Cloudy and cool.  Looks and feels as if their had bin some rain of some whair.  Went over to C.M. Thorntens and cut brush this fore noon a while.  Came home to diner.  After diner hitched Jib up and got another bead {bed?} together for the folks in the house.  Then went up to the cemetry and cleaned it up and it was night when I got home.  The cemetry lot looks fine.  It has bin cloudy and cool all day.  Afine day to work and it is cool to night.

August 23, 1914 Sunday

Warm again to day.  I was around home all day.  It was aufle warm in the fore noon.  I was around home all day.  I felt alittle old.  Took me till nearley diner time to get cleaned up.  After diner we had some rain but not mutch.  Made the roads alittle mudy.  The folks went of with their son in law for alittle auto ride and got caught in the rain.  I was home and down to Wills all day.  Lute is alone to night.

August 22, 1914 Saturday

Warm and clear this morning.  I staid with Angie and Peeter last night to Detroit.  They live up to Hiland Park.  I helped Angie awhile this morning and left for down town about 9.30  Done afew erands and went down to the waiting room.  Waited about an hour before I could get acar.  Got one about 11 O.C. got home at 12.45.  Found every thing all right.  But the horses wer uneasy.  The new folks seems to bee making it all right.  Have two boarders and got rooms of {for} 4 or 5 more Sunday or Monday.  I give the colt alittle drive this after noon.  Warm to night.