June 30, 1914 Tuesday

Some warmer this fore noon.  I choard around nearley al the fore noon.  After diner after dinner {sic} went over and helped Jo Montgomery draw the hay that I stird out yesterday.  It took us all the after noon.  Drew is down to Joe’s house and finished as stack that he had started.  Looks some rainy to night and it is warmer.  Alittle rain would bee all right.  All well as usual.  But the folks that is in the house are the worste house keepers I ever met. 


June 29, 1914 Monday

Cool and aufle windy all day.  Looks like rain all the fore noon.  Hoed in the garden most all the fore noon.  Got it cleaned out nicely and it looks fine.  After noon went over and stird up some hay for Jo Mondgomery on the Thornten farm.  Drove the colt over and tied her up while I stird the hay.  Went down to the house and seen about the bugy that is in the barn.  Very cool to night. 

June 28, 1914 Sunday

The heavy rain we had last night cooled the air of and it is cool and pleasent this morning.  After breakfast I took the flowers that I got of Mrs. Wood and took them up to the cemetry and made three bocaes {bouquets} of them and put them on the three graves.  And sat out a few asters.  I stated on the other page {meaning, the diary entry from June 27} I took them up yesterday but I done it this morning.  After I got back I got ready and I hitched up both horses and took W.H.Hutton up to Walled Lake.  Wheair {Where} his wife is and I went up to Mrs. T.J. Orrs.  Put the horses out found it cool riding and very cool coming home.  I was alone.  Will staid.  All well as usual.  Oho how lonsom.  I got the mendetts {sp} I sent for last week to day. 

June 27, 1914 Saturday

Dark and rainy this morning.  Com to rain in the night and it rained by spells the begist {biggest} part of the day.  I was buisy the bigest part of the day.  I cut some grass for the horses to last over Sunday and got some flower and took up to the cemetry and put them on the three graves and I sat out some asters and they looked very well.  The best of any I saw in the cemetry.  After super we had ahard shower and heavy wind and very sharp lightening and heavy thunder.  The heaviest rain we have had in along time. 

June 26, 1914 Friday

Cloudy and warm.  Looks some like rain.  Staid to Mrs. Jays again last night.  We and Mrs. Jay took us down to the museum and nearley all of the publick buildings.  Seen lots of things I never saw before and never will again.  Took us till nearley noon to get around.  While we wer gon Angie and Nell Jays got diner and got it in baskets and boxes and about noon we started of to the woods to eat diner.  Got part way and it thundred so looked so mutch like rain we turned and come back part way and went to a nearer place.  When we got their some of the women was nearley bushed.  Had agood diner and fair time.  Got home about 4.30 got ready and Nell, Rob and I left for home 6.10 O.C.  Waited in Wayne 1 1/2 hours and got home 9.30 O.C.  Found things in bad shape.

June 25, 1914 Thursday

Warm and dry but it is a fine morning.  I staid over to Mrs. Jays last night.  We wer out on the campus to the band concert.  Their was abig croud and they sat and laid allover the campus.  We all went down to Hill Auditorium to see the graduates get their diplomas.  Their wer about 1100 of them.  The exerise {exercises} lasted nearley three hours.  Every thing seemed to go like clock work.  We put the after noon in visiting and running around.  In the eavening we all hands went to the pictur show and it was very good.  It lasted so long we came out before it was out. 

June 24, 1914 Wednesday

Warm and pleasant.  Got up alittle early and com to get ready to go over to Angie and Peeter’s Davitts.  Tho his graduation exercises.  Took the 9.30 car and laid up to Wayne nearley an hour.  Got a car but had to stand up all the way from Wayne to Ann Arbor.  Got out their about 1 O.C. nearley all in.  Got of the car on the rong {wrong} street and had to walk 10 or 12 blocks.  But I made it and found them all well.  And Rob and Nell was their.  Had some and felt better.  Sat around and visited moste of the after noon.  Went down to win in the eavening.  Went over to Nell Jay’s and staid all night. 

June 23, 1914 Tuesday

Cloudy and warm this morning.  Went up to Thorntens and cut some grass this fore noon.  When I got back I took abbl of stuf down to the PM Depot for Mr. Lucus.  He has gon home.  Left the mill and that leaves one boarder for the folks in the house I {illegible} that is about all they can tend to.  Then I went over and got 200# of old hay over to the Thorntens.  After I got home I went down to Len Chartes and got two qut of strawberries and took them down to Lutes and we had all the shortcake we could eate.  After diner went up to the Thorntens house and picked 6 or 7 qut of cheries to take over to Ann Arbor to morrow.  Very warm to night. 

June 22, 1914 Monday

Warm and rainy.  Rained in the night and it is rainy this morning and it has rain moste of the fore noon.  I choard around moste of the fore noon.  Went up to the Thorten house and cut some grass for the horses.  Cool and nice this morning.  It will bee warming when the sun comes out.  Went up to Nells to see about going out to Ann Arbor to Angies.  She says her and Rob will go out Tuesday.  And I think I will go Wednesday. Hitched up and give the colt adrive.  It was some mudy.  Had agood rain this eavening. 

June 21, 1914 Sunday

Warmer this morning and acts rainy and it did rain alittle before I got up and it has looked rainy all day and has rained this after noon and this eavening.  Had agood shower this eavening and it seems as if it mite rain more.  I was buisy till noon.  Got cleaned up and went down to Lutes to diner.  Had all the strawberries I wanted to eate for once.  We had them once in the house and that was amixed up mess.  Oh what cooking.  Mrs. Good is poorley has bin in bed for 3 or 4 days.  Warm to night.  Glen Power was down to Lutes last night.  We had agood visit.  He said his folks were well as usual.