October 31, 1914 Saturday

Cool and very pleasant.  Aufle nice weather for the last of Oct.  Got ready and got Sharlott up to Nells and took her over to Walled Lake.  She has bin gon aweek down to Angies.  She came back yesturday after noon.  And we all hands went down to the Tabernacle to Church.  Their was afull house and a lot went forward.  I think they have done a lot of good they have tried.  They have stird {stirred} the village up the moste it has bin in along time.


October 30, 1914 Friday

Cool and windy.  Very fine weather.  Went over to Thorntens and fixed fence moste of the day.  After we got done we came down to the house and drew two loads of straw and put it around the house to bank it up for winter.  I put on afew rails for wood and came home and it was nearley dark.  I tore my old mittens nearley all to peices handling barb wire but dident hurt my hands mutch.  Cool and pleasant to night and the roads are fine.  The Tabernackle meetings are nearley over.  They have bin runing {running} for nearley amonth.

October 29, 1914 Thursday

Dark and Rainy to day.  It com to rain in the night.  It rained till about 10. O.C.  Broke away and got cooler.  I choard around all the fore noon.  After diner I went over to Thontens and helped them put up two stoves then put on 16 crates of aples one cider bbl {barrel} and bus {bushel} of corn for Colwel and cam down left the aples to the cider mill and fetched the corn home.  Cleard of {off} this after noon towards night and it is cooler to night but not bad.

Still the War goes on in Urip {Europe}.  Killing thousands of them.

October 28, 1914 Wednesday

Cool and pleasant.  I was around home all the fore noon.  Helped the folks get awood stove up.  Was buisy all the fore noon.  After diner went over to Thorntens and got alod {a load} of potatoes and aples and fetched them down town and delivered them in three places.  After I got home I hitched the colt up and give her alittle drive.  She felt rather hocky.  But went fine she dient {didn’t} draw half enough.  I am feeling very well.

October 27, 1914 Tuesday

Cold this morning.  Frose the aples last night.  Was over to Thorntens and drew aples in the sellar and took two loads to the Cider Mill.  John Shaw was over and helped with the aples.  We got Thorntens shair of the crops all in.  Hamiltons shair is on the ground yet.

It is seven months to day since Float left us and it is the sadest {saddest} seven months that I ever saw.  If their was some of the family hear it wouldent see so bad.  But I have got to stand it and make the best of it as long as I live

October 26, 1914 Monday

Cold and heavy froste.  Frose hard all vegetation is stoped {stopped} now.  It frose the ground and some things in the ground.  Peetter went of {off} to work and after Angie got her work done well all came down town.  Angie and Sharlott done alittle trading and I got my glases {glasses} fixed and left for home about 1.30 on the Plymouth Car.  Cold wind looks like snow.  I got home about 3.30.  Looked around alittle.  Hitched the colt up and give her alittle drive.  She feels fine I feel old and lonsom to find all strangers in the house and none of my family hear.

October 25, 1914 Sunday

Clear and frosty this morning.  Had the heaviest frost last night we have had this fall.  Makes things look rather black.  It will stop the growth of things I think.  We put the day in to Angies at 181 Bune Vistia {Buena Vista} Hiland Park.  Angie had George Maxwell come up to diner.  He seamed to engoy {enjoy} the diner very mutch.  We took alittle walk in the edge of the eavening.  Cool and clear and it will frease hard to night.  George staid till nearley 10 O.C.

October 24, 1914 Saturday

Dark and cloudy this morning.  I hitched the colt up and started out for alittle drive.  Before I got far it cam to rain and the wind blows coold {cold} from a northerly direction.  I got som wet before I got home.  It rained for an hour or so and it help up.  We got ready and took the 9.15 car for Angies down to the citty or Hiland Park.  We got up their about 1 O.C. and before we got up their Charlott was aufle sick to her stomack and could hardley hold her head up.  After we got their she got better in acouple of hours.  Broke away and got cooler.  Found Angie and Peetter well.  Cool to night.

October 23, 1914 Friday

Warm and dry.  Got ready and started for Walled Lake about 8 O.C.  It was warm and dusty.  Went up after Mrs. Charlotte Orr.  Found her well as usual.  I put the horse in the barn and plastuerd {plastered} her chimney wheair they had crumbled out.  Took me about an hour then we hitched up and started for home.  It was warm and dusty.  The flies are bad this time ayear.  We got back about 12.30.  Left Charlott down to Lutes.  After I got some diner I went over to Thorntens and helped him draw clover seed and it was wet to to wet to draw but he don’t cair.  Looks like rain to night.  I feel old.  Went up to Nells and thought we would go to Church.  I found their friend Crosby their from G.D. Rapids {Grand Rapids}.  The Church was called of {off}.  We has avisit and came home.  Crosby went home.

October 22, 1914 Thursday

Warm as ever and the sun shines bright and warm.  Hitched Jib up and went out to John Shaws farm got 4 bus {bushels} of {illegible} aples one for Ed Hinkley one for Lute 1/2 bus for P. Barley and 1/2 bus for Dr. Ball one for myself.  Got abox and filled it with 4 kind{s} of aples and sent it by express to Angie.  Aft diner put aspoke in the little bugy then went over to Thorntens and drew and sorted aples till nearley night.  Put on aload of cider aples and fetched them down to the cider mill.  900# {pounds} and it wasnight and I am glad of it.