July 31, 1914 Friday

Warm and dry.  Nead rain bad.  The wheat is taken cair of and the oats are nearley all cut.  I was choaring around and looking after the folks in the house.  They expect to move and I want to bee hear when they go.  So far that reason I stay around home and cook after things.  I am taking moste of my meals up to Nells and Angies in awhile I go down to Lutes. So between the two I manage to get enough to eate.  I don’t bother the folks in the house mutch.  I am in hope they will get away before long.  They longer they stay the tiarder {tireder} I get of them.


July 30, 1914 Thursday

Very pleasant morning.  Done the choars and got ready to go to Aunt Crafts funeral.  It {is} at the house at 9.30 O.C.  Their was agood turn out.  They had the funeral car from Detroit.  They took her over to Oxford north of Pontiack.  They took all that wanted to go.  I dident cair to go.  I had some thing else to look after.  It has bin avery fine day.  We are having cool nights.  But they are getting warmer.

July 28, 1914 Tuesday

This is agrowing time but we nead some rain.  The famers are cutting their wheat and oats.  The wheat as arule is little but the oats are fairley good.  I was around home nearley all day doing od {odd} jobs.  Put in full time.  The weather is fine but some rain ssould come very ecptable {acceptable}.  All well as usual.

July 27, 1914 Monday

Warm and pleasant to day.  I have been looking for the folks in the house to move but they don’t make any start.  They went down to the Citty to day to see his wife.  She has bin to the Harper Hospital for two weeks or more.  She is doing well as they can expect.  I was around home nearley all day.  I took alittle manuer up to the cemetry and fixed the lot alittle.  It looks fine.  It is the best looking lot in the cemetry.  Cooler to night.  Iseck Welch and Wife brought Angie and Peet down this evening.  Mrs. Charlott Orr came with them.

Mrs. Danile Craft died to day at 10.30 O.C. age 77 Years.

July 26, 1914 Sunday

Cool and pleasant this morning.  We got up alittle after 6 O.C.  After breakfast and we got the choars done.  I went down to Hydes and had avisit.  When Isecks got ready they came down and Angie and Peeter and my self and they started for Union Lake.  The roads was sandy and rough but the cart went right along just the same.  We staid over their about two or three hours and had some ice cream and looked the lake over an we went and seen wheair {where} we went 25 or 50 years ago.  Every thing is so diferent.  We got home about 1.30.  Angie and Peeter and I went down to Hydes to diner.  We visited till after 5 O.C.  Went up to Isecks and got ready to go home.  Came around by the lake and got some things for Angie to {give to} Charlott.  Got home about 7 O.C.

July 25, 1914 Saturday

Very warm today.  I was buisy all the fore noon choaring around.  I took alittle manure up to the cemetry and fixed the graves wattered them.  They look fine.  I was buisy all the fore noon and after diner toards night I com to get ready to go up to Wallked Lake to Iseck Welshes.  I hitched the colt on the little wagen for the first time.  She went very well.  I got up their about 6 O.C.  Left home about 4.30.  It was some warm but not bad.  I found the folks well and seemed to bee glad to see me.  I stoped {stopped} to Isecks to stay all night.  It makes me think of the last time Float and I staid their.  Of for the times that I have gon by.  Angie and Peet came along with Hydes young folks going to the lake.

July 24, 1914 Friday

Cool in the morning but warmed up towards noon.  I choard around moste all the fore noon.  Hitched the colt up and give her 5 or 6 miles.  After diner went over to Thorntens to work at the old fence.  Rain came up and drove me up to the barn.  After it held up I took the family down to the 4 O.C. car and when I went back I got some aples and cucumbers.  Fetched them home and give them away.

July 23, 1914 Thursday

This is apleasant morning.  Done the choars and got ready to go up to Walled Lake with Hary Bauer and his wife.  One of their paitence [patience} are gointo take them up.  We are going up wheir Peeter and Angie is stoping.  They are in the old stone schoolhouse.  It belongs to W.H. Hutton.  We got up their about 10 O.C.  Had afine ride.  We went out fishing but no luck.  We put the bal {balance} of the day visiting and I had avery good time.  Got home about 7 O.C.  Had alittle rain in the fore noon.

July 22, 1914 Wednesday

Very warm to day and we nead rain.  I was choaring around all the fore noon.  After diner hitched up and took two loads of fence parts over to C.M. Thornten farm for the man that built the cottage out in the field.  Then went up to the house and picked about a peck of cherries and it was 6 O.C. and aufle warm.  I gave Lute some and took Nell some up and gave the folks in the house some.  In that way I got rid of them.  Warm to night.