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  1. Dearest Kate, I am appalled that I discovered this only today! I would love to have some context on this, who was this man, how did you came across his diary? In case you could share it, of course. I absolutely loved it, can hardly wait for tomorrow now lol!

    • Thank you for the compliment. I cannot take much credit. My sister works at a store where half the store is used items/antiques. They had an estate sale and brought his diaries. My sister pulled 1914 for me, without knowing that wow what a treasure 1914 was. A genealogy friend suggested I post it online for other genealogists. I love this guy-he’s such a character. He lived it Northville, Michigan. If you haven’t, go back and start from Jan 1.

      • I will deff do that, yes. Have been following his adventures daily, now. Thanks a lt for sharing this. And hope you may go on next year, hehehehe

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