May 31, 1914 Sunday

This is another ideal day.  The sun shone nearley all day till towards night and it clouded up and it com to rain about 9 OC.  We had a good shower and it raining now at 10 OC.  I was around home all day till just night.  Went up to the cemetry to see how the flowers looked.  They looked very good for the dry weather.  Nell and Rob went of after diner and got home around 6 OC.  Dark and rainy now.


May 30, 1914 Saturday

This is Decoration Day and it is afine one to.  The little rain we had yesterday laid the dust and cooled it of and it is an idle day.  The sun shines bright and the air is cool.  Hitched up towards noon and Nell and mine got the flowers to gather and we took them up to the cemetry and fixed the graves up the best we could and the did look good as good of them that I saw.  I was around home moste all day.  Wm. Somerville and family and W.H. Hutton wer over from Pontiack.  It has bin an aufle fine day for the ocation and their wer afair turn out.  All well as usual.

May 29, 1914 Friday

Warm and pleasant.  Hitched on the one horse wagen and took some lumber down the bank.  Put on aload of brush that was down their and took them of to the dump.  Went over to the lumber yard and got alittle lumber for Mrs. Kable.  Came back and put on alittle fine manuer and dirt and fetched it up to the house and left part of it hear and took the bal up to the cemetery.  Went up and gave Mrs. Kables and took her lumber up and trimed three pair trees and cut some grass for the horses.  Got home around noon.  After diner went  up to C.M. Thorntens house in the village and cut some stumps of the evergreen trees.  Came home hitched up the old top bugy behind and took it over to Thorntons and left it and fetched home alittle gravel for the drive.  Their was some party hear to day from Plymouth to see about renting the house.

May 26, 1914 Tuesday

Dark and rainy this morning.  Got ready to take the 8 O.C. car to Plymouth to see aparty about taking the house.  I took the 9 O.C. car and got home on the noon car.  It rained alittle moste of the fore noon.  After diner I worked on the roof of the house moste all the after noon.  Hitche {hitched} up and went up around by the cemetry and cleaned up alittle and went up and got Nell up to her place.  Warm to night and it is avery growing time.  All well as usual but aufle lonesom. 

May 25, 1914 Monday

Warm and windy.  Charley Colby and I plowed the garden down to the other house with one of his horses.  I got John Sipro drag and draged it over then I went over and seen Mrs. Stanley about the house and she thought $10,00 pr month and my room and board was all she could pay.  So I left her and made up my mind I would try some one else.  After I got back I went down and planted part of the garden and after diner planted some more.  Got most of it planted.  Hitched up after super and went up and seen Floid Northrup about alittle order of shrubery that I delivered for W.C. Moore and Co. Newark, N.Y.

May 24, 1914 Sunday

Warm and cloudy.  Looks very mutch like rain and did rain alittle.  I was going up to Walled Lake to Mrs. T.J. Orr.  I put it of till after diner.  It broke away and I started 1.30.  Fine time to drive it was cool and pleasant and the colt drove fine.  Found Charlott well but aufle lonesom moste of the time.  Put the colt out and let her rest while.  Started for home about 5.30.  Cool coming home.  Got home about 7 O.C.  The folks wer away but Mr. Lucus.  I got him some super then went down to granmot to see W.H. Hutton and wife.  Nell and Rob got home about 10 O.C.  They were over to Ypselant {Ypsilanti}.  Went and seen Angie and Peet.  They wer well.

May 23, 1914 Saturday

Warm to day.  Worked around home awhile in the fore noon.  After diner went up and put some windo lites in Mrs. Quigley’s house for the new tenants and come some grass for the {illegible} and it was nearley night when I got home.  I put in abuisy day.  Mark Risnar pad {paid} me $6.00 for one months rent. 

May 22, 1914 Friday

Warm this morning.  After I got the choars done went over the Mrs. Hortons and trimed some trees for her.  Then Nell and I went over to the green house and got some flowers and took them up to the cemetry and sat them out.  After noon I worked around home.  Warm and we nead some rain.  I havent seen any corn up yet.  All well as usual.  I was up to the cemetry and cleaned up and fixed up Granmothers and cleard the dirt they left.  Uncle Dan Craft went up with me and fixed Aunt Ann sister grave.