January 31, 1914 Saturday

Dark and stormy this morning.  Come to rain in the night and it turned to hain {hail} and it hailed till 7 or 8 O.C. then come to snow and snowed till 3 or 4 O.C. in the after noon.  I think it muste of snow 6 or 7 in. it will make good sleighing if it keeps cold.  I shoveled snow moste of the day.  It is hard traveling to day the snow is so dry.

I went to V.O. Whipples funeral to day an aufle day for afuneral.  They took him down to Redford for burial. 


January 30, 1914 Friday

Coolder to day.  Frose up laste nightm and the roads are roughf in places wheair the ground is bair.  It is cold and cloudy.  I put the day in around home moste of the time.  The roads are rough and the wind to cold for pleasure.  Float is poorley and I think she is loosing ground.  Grandmother is losing ground to she is getting aufle thin for her.  Her apotite is aufle poor.

Fred Birch and wife came to day to go to the party to night.

January 29, 1914 Thursday

Warm and pleasant this morning and the sun shines for two or three hours. But it clouded up but it is warm.  Hitched up and went over to Novi to get J.J. Smith.  He wanted to see Clem Yerkes on some business.  He couldent come to day for he wanted Iseck Welch to come over to.  The will bee over in aday or two.  Was around home all the after noon.  Float has bin rather poorley all day.  It has thawed fast all day and it was quite mudy in places to day.

V.O. Whippel died last night.  He has another shock.

January 28, 1914 Wednesday

Warm and thawing to day and it keeps cloudy.  Lots of cloudy weather.  Choard around till after 9 O.C. then hitched on the one horse wagen.  Went up to Thornton’s Big House in the village and cleaned it out.  After diner hitched Jib and the colt on the bugy.  Went over to the Thornton farm and helped John Cramer put an 900# of hay then drove around by Rotterbuerries home.  It was quite mudy in places. Was Abrams come along and wanted some diner and Nell sat in down on the kitchen table and while she was waiting on Rob he the tramp stane {Stole?} $3.00 out of her pocket book and got away.  Dident notice it until it was to late.

January 27, 1914 Tuesday

Warm and nice to day.  The sun shines for awhile this fore noon.  Clouded up towards noon and looks stormy.  Went out driving alittle this after noon but dident get any thing.  Went up to C.M. Thornton’s house in the village to see what he wanted done.   Some cleaning up plaster that had fallen off the wall.  Havent done mutch but choar around all day.  Put aload of wood in the shed for Lute this fore noon.  All well as usual.  I think my side is some better but it hurts me in the morning.

January 26, 1914 Monday

Alittle more snow about 2 1/2 in last night.  It is warm and it has come to thaw before noon.  I choard around all the fore noon.  After diner I hitched up and give the colt 6 or 7 miles.  It was slipery in places but she got along very well.  Moste of the snow that came last night has gon  especiley in the road the wagen runs the best.  Warm and looks like astorm.  Float is feeling fairly well to day.  Fine winter weather. 

January 24, 1914 Saturday

Warm and cloudy to day and the going is slipery in places.  To icy to drive the colt.  After diner I hitched on the one horse wagen and went over to the Thornton place and got 6 crates of corn and 18.8# Ry.  Took 4 crates of the corn and 8 of the Ry to the mill and had them ground cob and all.  It has thawed moste all day.  It is fine wheeling and it has bin good going all winter wheeling or sleighing.  Float has had afair day to day. 

January 23, 1914 Friday

Very Dark and Cloudy this morning.  I think it is fixing for astorm.  It warmed up the sun came out and it thawed fast all day it thawed so fast I hitched on the bugy to drive the colt.  After Angie went home I hitched up and give the colt 6 or 7 miles.  Done her good.  Came to rain about 7 O.C. and it is raining now at 10 O.C.  I think it will turn colder before to morrow night.

Angie went home this after noon on the 3 O.C. car.  Raining hard at preasant

January 22, 1914 Thursday

Dark and cloudy and not very cold.  WH Hutton and Wife wer hear this after noon.  They wer over to Grandmother’s birth day.  She is 89 to day.  I feel avery little bit better to day but my side is soar for awhile in the morning but I sleep better nights.  That makes me feel better and the shingles don’t spread any more if I can keep them down I think I will get better after awhile.  I put the day in around the house.  Sawed wood part of the after noon.  I feel very well to night.

Grandmother is 89 years old today.

Float has felt fairly well to day.  Had some of Grandmother’s birthday diner.