February 28, 1914 Saturday

Still it keeps warm and thaws during the day.  It frose up last night but it has thawed out to day.  I was buisy all day.  I got the chicken coop cleaned out and more straw in.  I give {illegible} some for the chicks.  Ours are laying very.  I get 10, 12, 14 some days.  Rained alittle this after noon.  I think it will turn cold before long.


February 27, 1914 Friday

Warm to day and it has thawed fast and the watter run down the streets.  The snowed settle fast to day.  I was buisy all the fore noon and after diner went over to Thorntons and got some old hay chof {?} for the hens to peck and scratch in.  It is warm to day and the snow has gon fast.  It is to warm to last long.  Float feels fairley well now days and rests very well for her.

February 26, 1914 Thursday

Pleasant but cool.  The wind is cool from the South West.  Nell and I got ready and started for Walled Lake about 1030.  Found it cool going around the lake.  And the roads wer drifted bad in some places.  We found Tomy Orr in bad shape.  He cant get out and cant walk alone.  His apitite is very poor and he says everything tastes alike.  He is going down slowly and he looks bad.  We left about 430 and it 6 when we got home.

February 25, 1914 Wednesday

Some warmer to day and it is thawing some.  Their is alittle bair ground in high places.  I was buisy all the fore noon.  It Spiles are hear to tend to Float   After diner I hitched on the bob and took the hay rack over the Thornton and fetched by aload of rils {roils?} for wood.  That makes 3 jags I have had.  It is colder to night.  The sleighing is alittle poor in places.

February 22, 1914 Sunday

Still it is cold and windy.  We had some snow and some heavy wind last night.  The wind is very cold from the North.  I dident get up till 8 O.C. and the weather was cold.  It snow an in or so and it blew all over.  I had to do some shoveling.  I was around home all day to cold to go out.  W.H. Hut (Hutton?) was over to day from Pontiack.  Evaline Ba{uer-illegiable} was in this after noon.  Angie came home this after noon to stay a few days.

February 21, 1914 Saturday

Cold today and we have South west wind.  7 or 8 below zero at 7 O.C.  I choard around all the fore noon and after diner hitched up and give the colt 6 or 7 miles and I was willing to come home.  The sleighing is good in nearly all of the roads.  Their is some drifts in some places.  Plenty of snow and plenty of cold weather.  More than I cair to see.

February 20, 1914 Friday

Cold winter weather and the ground is covered with snow about 6 or 7 in deep.  Was around home nearley all day.  I sawed wood moste of the after noon.  I could keep warm at that.  W.H. Hutton’s wife came over from Pontiack to day.  She was up hear this after noon.  We are about the same.  I have got abad cold but feel very well under the circumstances as Float is about the same to day.

February 19, 1914 Thursday

Cloudy and dark this morning.  Looks like snow.  Later the sun came out.  Float is poorley to day.  Cool but pleasant.  After diner hitched up and went over to Novi to see J.J. Smith.  Found him fairly well but had a bad cold.  He is so he can wheel himself around the house {illegible}.  His legs give out other ways he is fairley well.  Cold to night but fine winter weather and it has bin ever since Feb came in fare part of the winter was milde.  Float is poorley and I think losing ground.