April 30, 1914 Thursday

Cool and windy.  Hitched the colt up and put my over coat on and started out.  Went up the Bore {sp} line 4 miles came a crost by Geo Merits and by Go– Whipples and so on home.  It is cool riding.  After diner went down and spaded up garden and planted some peas.  I planted littus {lettuce) and radish seed about a week ago but it to cold for them to grow.  After I got done their I hitched on the wagen and took some tools up to the cemetery and fixed Float’s grave so we could put out some flowers and I feel old when I work hard. 


April 28, 1914 Tuesday

Warm and looks like done the choars up and hitched the colt up and went over to Thorntons farm.  Took 4 pains of glass over and put them in the windows in the barn.  Came home got diner for Frank Aldrig and Mr. Lucus.  Done the dishes up and got ready to meat the funeral car.  Byran Brigham wife is to be buried hear to day.   Before I went hitched Jib on the wagen went down to the D.U.A.R. Depot and got atrunk for Mrs. Lark then went up to Ponsford store got 3 dry goods boxes  took them up to Mrs. Lark.  Came home got Geo Clark’s two seated wagen and went to Nettie Whitaker’s burial.

April 27, 1914 Monday

Nice bright morning.  Done the choars up to both places.  Hitched the colt up and give her 6 or 7 miles.  After I got home I helped Nell wash.  After diner I hitched Jib on the one horse wagen and went over to C.M. Thorntons and cleaned out his sillar {cellar} and I got a few peech tries that came up down the bank.  Came back by the mill and got the feed I took over when I went over to the farm and it was night and I feel aufle old.  The sun has burnt my face so it seems stiff and feels bad.  Had avery little rain this eavening. 

Mrs. C.P. Philops died in Detroit this eavening at 6.30 OC.  She died at Hattee McDonalds.  She was known better by Aunt Mery Philops.

April 26, 1914 Sunday

Warm and pleasant to day.  Took me till nearley noon to get stratined {straightened} around.  I got cleaned up about noon.  After diner I went up and seen Mrs. Lark in regard to the house.  Came around by the cemetery home.  O it makes me so lonesom to think she is up their and cant never see her again.  After I got home I went down to Granmothers and staid awhile.  Will Somerville and family were their.  We had agood visit and I came home.  Put the bal of the day in hear.  I am alone moste all the eavenings.  It is lonesom business.

April 25, 1914 Saturday

Dark and rainy this morn.  Com to rain in the night and it rained hard by spells and it was aheavy rain.  We neaded it to and we got plenty of it.  I worked at the old cart awhile this fore noon.  I took some wheels from Gramps old Phaiton {sp} and fitted them on it and they look mutch better and I think it will ride enough better to pay.  After diner an other heavy shower and it was a big one.  It raised the water in the crick and it was all mudy.  After the shower was over I hitched up and give the colt 4 or 5 miles.  Came home and got Jib and went over to Christences and got two bags of oats and it was night.

April 24, 1914 Friday

Cool.  Hitched up and drew aload of manure up to Nells place then went up to the Quigley place and put on aload of old rubish and fetched it down to the dump and when I got home it was after noon.  Went down to Granmothers and spaded up apiece to sow afew radish and lttus {lettuce} seed and cleaned up the old ash pile.  Came home and got the horse and wagen and drew aload of manure down and finished drawing the ashes of.  It is aufle dry and dusty on the road and some of our neighbors have com to sprinkle the shrubs it neads it aufle bad. 

April 23, 1914 Thursday

Cool again this morning.  The wind is very cool from the easte.  I went at the manure throwed a lot down the bank then to drawing.  Drew one load down to granmothers then put on aload of ashes and took it down to the dump then it was noon.  After diner C.M. Thornton came along and wanted to go over to the farm so I took him over.  Put on aload of roils and fetched them home for wood.  Took me till nearley night to finish.

April 22, 1914 Wednesday

Cool and windy.  Choard around awhile.  Hitched up and went over to the Thornton farm and fed the chickens and gatherd the eggs and got 3 gal of {illegible} from Frank Hamilton to sprey the little trees.  Fetched it home then went down to the track and give the colt amile and half.  I see she come to warm up and I came home and I spreyed Granmothers trees and trimed and spreyed the old sweet aple tree back of the {illegible} and the rose bushes around the house and I feel old to night.  We are all well as usual but Granmother and she is slowly failing.  Poor Float isent hear to tell how she is.  I hope she is better of than she was when she was hear.  But we don’t know.

April 21, 1914 Tuesday

Cool and cloudy this morning.  I was buisy moste all the fore noon getting ready to take Mrs. Orr home.  We went up town to get acheck cashed and came around by Mr. Vantarils {sp} and called their afew minutes.  From their to Mrs. Stanleys to see her about renting the house.  She had changed her mind and thought she wouldent take it.  After diner we started and got up their about 2.30 put the horses out and I cleaned out two rows of her bery bushes and lefte for home about 5 OC.  Cool coming home.