December 21, 1914 Monday

Cool and windy and the snow blows.  It muste of snowed 4 or 5 in last night.  It took me till 9 or 10 O.C. to get the snow out of the yard.  Done afew choars for Lute and come up home and got ready to hitch up.  It was rather cold and windy and the snow flew and drifted and I dident stay out long.  The colt dont feel very foxey.  Her glads are swolen {swollen} and I herd her coughf {cough} this after noon.  Cold and clear to night.


December 20, 1914 Sunday

Cool and cloudy.  I was around home nearley all day.  after I got cleaned up I went up to Nells awhile before diner.  Came back home to diner and looked the paper over then went down to Lutes to see how Mrs. Springsteen is.  She is very poorley and Min thinks she has apoor chance to get well.  It come to snow about 9 O.C. and was snowing hard when I went to bed.  Not very cold.  It looks as if it mite make sleighing.  All well as usual.

December 19, 1914 Saturday

Warmer this morning and we have got two or three more in {inches} of snow and it will fix the sleighing up in fair shape and after I got the yard cleaned of {off} I cleaned the old cutter of and got it down once more and I think it may bee the last time it is 37 or 38 years old.  I hitched Jib on the old lite bugy and the cutter behind and took the bugy over to Thorntens place and put it in the barn and fetched the cutter back.  After I got back hitched the colt on the cutter and give her alittle run.  The cutter run good and it will fix the sleighing up fine.

December 18, 1914 Friday

Put the coal stove up to day.  Warmer this morning.  I was choaring around till noon then went to the hardwair store to see if I could get them to bring the coal stove down and set it up.  I waited around till three O.C. before they came down then I dident get things cleaned up till nearly night.  And it was night before I got hitched.  I couldent give the colt mutch of a drive.  It is just as well for she got a {illegible} under her chaps and it acks {acts} like the distemper but I hope it isent this time ayear

December 17, 1914 Thursday

Cool to day but not so cold as it has bin.  I was around home nearley all day and down to the other house.  Cut alittle wood for Lute and done afew choars.  I was buisy all day but it dident amount to mutch.  Give the colt alittle drive but the roads are poor on the cros {cross} roads.  The roads are very good in the Village and about 3 in of snow.  All well asusual {as usual}.

December 16, 1914 Wednesday

Cold again this morning.  It was cold night.  I havent done any thing to day but afew choars.  It is to cold to do mutch.  I took alittle ride after diner but I was to cold and I came in and went up to Cademoles auction sale of harness supplies.  They went rather low.  Cold all day.  Winter in earnest.

This our 41 Weding Aneversety {Wedding Anniversary} if Float had lived till now.  We would have bin maried 41 years to night.  But she is gon and I am left to get along the best I can the bal {balance} of my days.

December 15, 1914 Tuesday

Cold winter weather and the thermometer stood 8 or 9 above this morning at 7 O.C.  That is fair winter weather.  I was around home part of the time.  Went down to Lutes to help her put up astove and done afew more choars.  Em Laphum was their and her tak {illegible} was going moste of the time.  After diner I hitched up and give the colt alittle drive.  I found it to cold to stay out long and I came in.  The wheeling is rather poor and the sleighing is worse.  We nead alittle more snow and the cutter would run fine.  All well as usual except Mrs. Springsteen and she is poorley.

December 14, 1914 Monday

This is the coldest morning we have had this winter.  The thermometer stood 8 above at 8 Oclock and it has bin cold and blustry all day.  The snow has blew and drifted by spells all day.  It has bin aregular winter day and I cant help to think wheair Float is.  O the poor woman.  How I wish she was hear.  I wish some times I was in the same place.  Lute is some better to day but Mrs. Springsteen is worse with New Monia {pneumonia} that is what Min said this morning.  This will bee acold night.

December 13, 1914 Sunday

Warm and cloudy.  Come to storm about the midle of the fore noon and it snowed alittle all the bal {balance} of the day.  I feel better to day and up around and am in hopes I will get along.  Will came up and said Lute had bin sick since Friday night with the grip.  I went down after diner.  She felt poorley and she looked it.  Rob was down alittle while.  He said he had bin buisy all the fore noon.  Nell has bin over to Plymouth all day.  Turned cold this eavening and the wind blowes agale and the snow flies like feathers.

December 12, 1914 Saturday

Still it is cloudy and ark.  Their is about an inch of snow on the ground but still not very cold.  I got up this morning I dident feel very well.  Done part of the choars and at alittle breakfast and sat around awhile and went to bed and I staid their all day.  I was sick as ahorse part of the time.  I tried to throw up my shoes and it went both ways.  I felt poorley all day.  The folks in the house wanted to do something for me but I though I would feel better in the morning and ded{sp} they give me some quinine to take.

Frank Fry died to night.